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Unacceptable behaviour in
Dutch Working Conditions Act

Dutch employers are required by the Dutch Working Conditions Act to prevent or limit inappropriate behaviour (discrimination, sexual intimidation, agression and violence and bullying).

The Working Condition Act states:

The employer shall operate a policy aimed at preventing employment-related psychosocial workload, or limiting it if prevention is not possible, as part of the general working conditions policy (article 3, sub 2).

Employment-related psycho-social workload is being described as: the factors direct or indirect distinction, including sexual intimidation, aggression and violence, bullying, and work pressure, in the employment situation that cause stress (article 1, sub 3e).

Bullying is defined as:

All forms of intimidating behaviour of a structural nature, coming from one or more employees (colleagues, managers) aimed at an employee or group of employees who is/are not able to defend himself/themselve(s) against this behaviour. An important aspect regarding bullying is the repetition of that behaviour in time (Explanatory Memorandum, Working Conditions Act 2007).


The full text of the Working Conditions Act and the Working Conditions Decree (updated till June 2017) can be found at: https://www.arboineuropa.nl/en/legislation/.



Since 1999, Hubert Consult has been specializing in improving organizational climate and the prevention and limiting of unwanted work manners like bullying, conflicts, discrimination and sexual harassment.

Hubert Consult assists your organisation in developing and implementing the by the Dutch Working Conditions Act mandated policy against unwanted work manners. A lawyer reviews your policy and complaints procedure. Your confidential supporters, the members of your complaints commission and executives can count on a solid course of a multidisciplinary (psychologist, lawyer, communication trainer and professional training actors) team.

Hubert Consult stands for thorough and objective investigation. Research, substantive expertise and realism are the basis for practice-oriented training and policy advice. A wide international network ensures service that fits current developments. Hubert Consult is represented in the Board of the International Association on Workplace Bullying & Harassment  (IAWBH).

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