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Since 1999, Hubert Consult has been specializing in the improvement of the corporate culture and the prevention and limiting of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace like bullying, conflicts, discrimination and sexual harassment.

 Hubert Consult assists your organisation in the drafting and implementation of a policy against unacceptable behaviour, mandated by the Dutch Working Conditions Act. A lawyer reviews your policy and complaints procedure. Your confidential supporters, the members of your complaints committee and executives can count on a solid course of a multidisciplinary (psychologist, lawyer, communication trainer and professional training actors) team.

Hubert Consult stands for thorough and objective investigation. Research, substantive expertise and realism are the basis for practice-oriented training and policy advice. A wide international network ensures service that fits current developments. Hubert Consult is represented in the Board of the International Association on Workplace Bullying & Harassment  (IAWBH).

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